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AccessOn Networks added as INDATEL Services Partner

Overland Park, KS – April 19, 2023 –AccessOn Networks, a provider of advanced fiber network solutions to the rural areas of North Carolina, is excited to announce being added to INDATEL Services as a network partner. INDATEL Services members and partners understand the importance of connecting rural America. Partnership with AccessOn Networks allows INDATEL to continue this mission, ensuring that fiber broadband services are available to rural and underserved markets.

Based in Holly Springs, North Carolina, AccessOn Networks leverages an advanced fiber network to provide carrier services, wireless backhaul, enterprise connectivity, and local fiber internet service to the majority of rural North Carolina. “Our mission is to expand the connectivity opportunity for small, rural communities throughout North Carolina,” said Steve Ledford, CEO at AccessOn Networks. “The INDATEL partnership will help facilitate expanded use of our advanced local and middle-mile fiber networks and increase the impact on local economies.”

When asked about why AccessOn Networks pursued becoming a partner of INDATEL, Erik Dixon, Business Development at AccessOn Networks, noted the benefits of participating in a national network and the alignment of strategic objectives. “INDATEL’s focus on ensuring fiber services get to underserved markets and their nationwide network will deliver more opportunity for rural areas of North Carolina,” says Dixon. Partnering with INDATEL also simplifies the business channel and leads to improved responsiveness and access to large corporations that have locations across the country, noted Dixon.

INDATEL Executive VP of Carrier Relations and Business Development John Ivanuska said “I look forward to AccessOn Networks joining our impressive ranks of nationwide partners to further our shared mission to serve the previously unreachable parts of rural America.”


INDATEL Services provides fiber connectivity utilizing its unique independent member network. INDATEL’s members represent more than 400,000 fiber-optic route miles and over 1.5 million serviceable buildings primarily focused on rural and suburban America. INDATEL serves its customers through its national aggregation PoPs, reaching over 700 independent providers currently operating in 47 states. For more information about INDATEL Services, visit

About AccessOn Networks

AccessOn Networks is focused on providing advanced communications connectivity to small cities and towns across North Carolina. We utilize an advanced fiber-based network to provide carrier solutions, wireless network connectivity, and enterprise solutions for the banking, education, health care and retail industries as well as local residences. For more information about AccessOn Networks, visit their website at


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